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    Blackpool joiner builder



    John - Blackpool:

    Excellent service and great value for money, would highly recommend to all my friends and family.

    Need to call Blackpool Joiner Builder Tel: 01253 626787 For a free quote

    Building Projects

    View some of the Blackpool Joiner Builder recent building projects.
    Trading as Pro-Con, Professional Construction. Below are the latest building projects carried out by Blackpool Joiner Builder. (enter read more for extra details of the building projects.)

    Blackpool joiner builder Basement Conversion
    Converting a derelict basement to storage use

    Before this project it was a shabby whitewashed brickwork basement
    with open ceiling exposing the ground floor joist.
    Blackpool joiner builder transformed this basement to a usable space much needed to the customer.
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    Blackpool joiner builder Dormer Rebuild.
    Rebuilding a dormer bedroom

    This was a project attempted by other joiners builders in Blackpool,
    which had to be sorted in a short time as this was an
    hotel in Blackpool and needed to open for business.
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    Blackpool joiner builder Bedroom Modernisation.
    Modernising a tired and worn bedroom.

    The walls in this room were damaged and plaster falling off, the
    skirting boards were mismatched, with 40years paint build-up.
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    Blackpool joiner builder En-suite Refurbishment.
    Bringing ensuite up to date.

    This en-suite was mismatched and last renovated in the mid eighties.
    Blackpool joiner builder brought this en-suite up to date.
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    Blackpool joiner builder Room Refurbishment.
    Water damaged room refurbished.

    This poperty had been vacant for years and burst water pipes caused
    damage to ceilings and walls.
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    Blackpool joiner builder Kitchen Installation.
    Last kitchen fitting was done in the late 1970s.

    Waterpipes and gas line ran all around external walls to boiler
    all units had to be cut out at the back to suit.
    The next job was to remove tiles to floor were the old fridge was in order for clean level line of base units,.
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