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    Blackpool joiner builder



    John - Blackpool:

    Excellent service and great value for money, would highly recommend to all my friends and family.

    Need to call Blackpool Joiner Builder Tel: 01253 626787 For a free quote

    Blackpool Painter Decorator

    Welcome to the Blackpool Joiner Builder website.
    Trading as Pro-Con Professional Construction.

    The main intention of the painter decorator side of the business is: To give the customer full value for money by providing a reliable service that carries out the decorating cleanly, pleasantly and to the required standard with a minimum of fuss. Right from the start we have worked to keep with the small company attitude of looking after each one of our customers.  These customers only have to deal with one person for the qoute, standards required, brand of paint required and the account details. No passing the equiry to the next department. This we have found keeps the engine running.

    Our Services

    In the summer we carry out a lot of exterior painting. It can vary from just part of a small bungalow to a large hotel.
    The season for exterior decorations runs roughly from April to end of October depending on the
    English weather.  Interior decorations go on all year round. If the customer decides to stay this quite often brings on a decision to redecorate instead of moving.
    So as you can see we get a chance of some business at both ends of the scale.
    Again the size of the job we would undertake can vary from
    as small as one room to as large as a country house or hotel.
    We try to be as flexible as possible. However please note that we
    specialize only in carrying out the work. In this we are expert.
    We do not offer advice in colours or any other design.
    We keep only to what we can do well.


    When it comes to residential work, both inside and out, we are able to carry out the following services:
    • Repair/replace minor leaks, cracked windowpanes, rotten wood and destroyed sills.
    • Small amounts of general carpentry, tiling, plastering and plumbing.
    • Correction of any and all cracks and holes before decorating.
    • Strip and prepare walls and ceilings, then hang wallpaper pretty much of any design or quality.
    • Prepare and paint any surface, whether to a first class standard, or for just a tidy up.

    Please note:

    There are jobs too small for us to take on mainly because as a business coming to paint one door, etc, it would be price prohibitive for the customer.

    On the other hand we are both willing and able to take jobs as small as a single room and as large as a whole house, no matter what its size.


    Interior & Exterior,


    Walls and Ceilings,

    Call us now for your painting and decorating needs,
    Blackpool Joiner Builder only uses the finest materials.
    I am happy to quote for your interior/exterior decorating needs.
    All preparation work carried out using only high quality products.
    Work carried out by Blackpool Joiner Builder is as follows:
    Blackpool Joiner Builder offer a no obligation quotation service.